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Naval Base Point Loma “GIANT VOICE” alert system testing

NOTIFICATION OF PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM TESTING Naval Base Point Loma, San Diego, Calif. – Naval Base Point Loma (NBPL) will conduct testing of the Base wide public address system on Monday 20 June, Tuesday 21 June, Wednesday 22 June, Thursday 23 June and Friday 24 June 2016.  Each day from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM the public address system will be broadcasting short series of recorded and live voice announcements and steady tones at Naval Base Point Loma, Main Base, Seaside, Bayside, Topside, Third Fleet, Battery Humphries, Old Town Complex, Taylor Street Complex, Harbor Drive Annex and the Regional Operations Center Complex.  Individuals in the vicinity of these installations may hear periodic broadcasts of tones followed by computer generated and live voice messages. 

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Important Notice Regarding Closed Area At San Clement Island

Access to San Clemente Island is dependent on civilian vessels not impacting the island military mission. The new San Clemente island website was created to help increase vessel access to the island. SAC received the following message from the U.S. Navy this morning and there is extreme concern by their command over lack of compliance.

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