SAN DIEGO — For 40 years, scientists at sea have relied on the pier at Scripps’ Point Loma wharf to safely and quickly load their vessels with hundreds of pounds of research equipment. But cracked concrete and exposed rebar has left users walking on eggshells the last five years,.

After Associate Director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography Ship Operations & Marine Technical Support Bruce Applegate discovered deterioration below the wharf and pier structures, Scripps hired an engineering firm to analyze the structures. “They found out we could only carry a load that was 20 percent of the weight it was designed to hold,” Applegate explained. The wharf, which was built in the mid ’60s, and the pier, which was built in the late ’70s, have reached the end of their engineering lifespan, Applegate said. Scripps now plans to rebuild and restore the structures to their former glory.

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