As of last week, 31 of the 338 boats that were impounded by agents with a new sub agency of Mexico’s Tax Administration Service (SAT) in December 2013, have been released to their owners, said Fito Espinoza, dockmaster for Marina Coral in Ensenada. The news came during a special announcement held during the San Diego Sun Road Boat Show on Jan.24.

Representatives from five Mexican marinas, a member of the Mexico Tourism Board, and Cris Wenthur, an attorney that has represented victims of the recent impounding, spoke during the information session.

“Today we had a visit with the SAT in Marina Coral, and they verified information and told us that as early as next month we’ll have boats liberated to their owners throughout Mexico,” Espinoza said. “We are expecting that for the people that didn’t have permits in place, there’s a possibility that they will have to pay a fine.”

The amount each fine would cost is undetermined.

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