Sunroad Resort MarinaSingle Slips. Ample Free Parking. Superior customer service. Boat dock services include electrical hookups, satellite television, free wireless internet, fresh water service, and a waste pump-out station. The docks are access card controlled and security patrols parking lots and grounds. We also have several large end-ties available for both long and short term stays.

Sunroad Resort Marina is the premier California boating destination and offers its tenants lockers, laundry facilities, pool and spa, recreational area with barbecues, health club and delicatessen. The recreational area is available for parties or other special events.

Rates based on overall vessel length or slip size, whichever is greater. All slips metered separately for electrical usage charge. Marina rates subject to change at any time.

At Sunroad Resort Marina, you will discover an exclusive safe harbor for boaters and their families who appreciate a quality lifestyle, superior customer care and attention to detail. Sunroad Resort Marina, the premier boating experience.

Sunroad Marina Slip Prices

(All prices in U.S. Dollars)

LengthPer Month Ranges
30′ – 33′$565 – $620
35′ – 38′$625 – $715
40′ – 43′$770 – $830
45′ – 49′$865 – $925
50′ – 53′$1110 – $1175
55′ – 58′$1605 – $1750
65′ – 68′$2360 – $2460
End Ties$32 – $34 per foot
Side Ties$13.95 per foot