2019 Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon, this year is on June 2nd.

The route, timing and proposed closures are the same in the Harbor/Port areas which should hopefully help folks adjust to a routine they’ve likely worked out the previous few years.

As has been true the past few years:

-Both Harbor AND Pacific Highway will remain open throughout the duration of the event. There will, as always, be heavy traffic due to this being the only N/S crossing of Ash St until noon as far as Park Blvd.  It is our continue recommendation that folks exit/use I-5 to drop into the respective areas based on the destination being north or south of Ash.

-The northbound Parking lane of Harbor will be closed on Friday, June 1st and reopen end of day June 2nd.

-Some participants will be parking in this area prior to the race and will be shuttled tot he start line, thus traffic may increase in the area as early as 5:00AM.

-Runners will be finishing the race between 7:15A-3:00P, with the peak being 9:00-11:00A, with peak crowds and traffic relevant to those times.

-Our headliner this year is Matt Nathanson We’re really excited about this booking, and it’s a free show if anyone from your side is interested in heading to Waterfront Park for it.

Attached below – click on the link for the Pdf file: