Mother’s Day this year falls on Sunday, May 9, when the weather in most parts of the country should be warm enough to enjoy at least one day of the Mother’s Day weekend on a boat.

Of course, you will already have bought your mom one of the Best Boating Gifts for Mother’s Day before you step aboard. But planning out the rest of the day—the gift-giving and far more—is what will leave a lasting impression and make you her favorite.

1. Start with Brunch on Board

Sure, breakfast in bed is nice, but how many moms get to tell their friends that the family hosted an entire brunch on board?

Onboard brunch can be as simple as yogurt, bagels and spreads with coffee, or can be a full-on event with eggs Benedict, farm-fresh bacon and mimosas. Your plans will of course depend on the size of your boat’s galley—or on the availability of takeout from a great local restaurant. But there is no restaurant that can match the view from the dinette in the boat’s cockpit, or that can bring a bigger smile to your mom’s face for making her feel so special.

To make the day feel even more out of the ordinary, consider adding new placemats and cloth napkins to your pre-Mother’s Day shopping list. Perhaps add some cute napkin holders, and maybe a festive centerpiece for the setup. Simply sprucing up the table settings can add a new layer of enjoyment to the day, and can make the boat feel like a newly special spot.

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