Best Rhode Island Marinas in 2024

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Rhode Island is known for its beautiful coastline, making it a popular destination for boating enthusiasts. To help you make the most of your time on the water, we’ve rounded up the best marinas in Rhode Island.

With several marinas and harbors, you will surely find the perfect spot to dock and explore the area’s rich maritime history, local shops, and restaurants. Whether you’re visiting Newport, Bristol, or Galilee, these marinas provide an idyllic setting to begin your Rhode Island boating adventures. So, let’s set sail and discover the top Rhode Island marinas.

The Best Rhode Island Marinas in 2024

1. Safe Harbor Newport Shipyard & Marina

Newport, often hailed as the “City by the Sea,” isn’t just a chic destination for boaters; it’s a seaside community that’s also revered as the world’s sailing capital. This charming town boasts some of the Northeast’s finest beaches, complemented by a plethora of attractions ranging from annual music festivals to top-notch bars and restaurants.

Nestled in the heart of Newport, Safe Harbor Newport Shipyard stands out not just for its prime location near colonial homes, seaside shops, and quaint eateries, but also as one of the top liveaboard marinas in the United States. It’s a hub for the international sailing community and a premier home port for some of the world’s most prestigious yachting events.

2. Fairwinds Marina

If you’re looking for a perfect summer getaway, consider visiting the Fairwinds Marina in Rhode Island. With its scenic views overlooking Narragansett Bay, you’ll be charmed by the natural beauty of this location. The marina is well-equipped to accommodate your boats during both winter and summer seasons. 

While in the area, explore the quaint town of Bristol with its rich history and vibrant nightlife. If shopping is on your agenda, Bowen’s Wharf offers a delightful mix of stores catering to your needs. And when the sun sets, soak up the lively ambiance of nearby restaurants and bars.

3. Newport Marina

Newport Marina is another popular choice among Rhode Island marinas. Situated in the heart of Narragansett Bay, this marina offers stunning views and access to several recreational activities. When visiting during summer, you can indulge in various shipyard activities, such as boat repairs and maintenance.

Newport is known for its bustling fringes, ample shopping opportunities, attractions, and vibrant nightlife. Don’t forget to wander through the historic Jamestown area to appreciate its well-preserved architectural splendors.

4. East Greenwich Marina

Experience the charms and scenic vistas of Narragansett Bay at the East Greenwich Marina. This marina offers both seasonal and overnight boat dockage, making it convenient for boaters from Rhode Island and neighboring states. During your stay, immerse yourself in the town’s history and participate in various activities.

East Greenwich Marina is known for its protected location, making it an excellent choice for winter boat storage. It also offers easy access to the picturesque town of Greenwich, which boasts shopping, dining, and entertainment options for you to enjoy.

5. Point Judith Marina

Located in the charming fishing village of Galilee, Point Judith Marina is a top destination for anglers and boating enthusiasts. This marina offers a variety of accommodations, including well-maintained dockage and slip facilities. Beautiful beaches, fine dining options, and fresh fish and seafood markets surround it.

Furthermore, you’ll find a wide range of activities around Point Judith Marina, including scenic tours of the surrounding waters and lighthouses. For a more laid-back experience, sit back and relish the quaintness of this lovely village.

6. Greenwich Cove Marina

Discover the beauty of Rhode Island’s coastline at Greenwich Cove Marina. Nestled by the eponymous Greenwich Cove, this marina boasts top-notch facilities and a captivating backdrop. With easy access to local attractions – such as parks, walking trails, and beaches – you’ll never run out of things to do during your visit.

Greenwich Cove Marina also caters to the needs of boating enthusiasts, offering slip rentals, fuel docks, and maintenance services. The marina’s proximity to vibrant towns and picturesque bays only adds to its appeal as a top destination for all Rhode Island visitors.

How much does a boat slip cost in Rhode Island?

Boat slip costs in Rhode Island can vary depending on the marina, location, and size of the slip. Generally, you’ll find a range of prices, with some marinas offering slips for as low as $2.50/ft and others reaching up to $6.00/ft. It’s essential to keep in mind other factors, such as amenities, the length of your stay, and the season.

Some marinas offer attractive rates for their services. For example, Fairwinds Marina has competitive prices for its 130+ boat slips, suitable for a 20-50′ range. They provide power and water, and the slips are well protected within a cove.

Seasonal docking is another option for boaters in Rhode Island. The East Greenwich Marina offers over 85 slips for seasonal and overnight stays. Rates at this marina may also vary based on factors like the size of your boat or if you’re staying overnight.

To give you an idea of how much a boat slip could cost in Rhode Island, let’s examine a few marinas:

  • Fairwinds Marina: Competitive rates for 20-50′ slips
  • Providence Marina: $2.50/ft
  • Conanicut Marina: $6.00/ft
  • East Greenwich Marina: Rates vary for seasonal & overnight stays

Keep in mind that these prices are for reference and may change over time or at the discretion of each marina. It’s always smart to research and reach out to the marina for rates and the latest information before making any decisions.

How much does a mooring cost in Rhode Island?

Finding the right mooring for your boat in Rhode Island is important, and the cost can vary depending on the location and the services offered. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $35 to $100 or more per night for a mooring. Here are some options to consider:

  • At Cove Moorings in Newport, you can experience a unique floating dock system with fore and aft helix moorings attached to 30ft docks. This marina is located in the beautiful Brenton Cove, next to Fort Adams State Park in Newport, Rhode Island.
  • Another option is the Marina at Rhode Island Mooring Services in North Kingstown. This marina caters to over 200 power and sailboats annually, offering various services such as mechanical, electrical, or water system maintenance. Moreover, they also provide services for interior finish work, varnish, and fiberglass repair.
  • If you’re looking for mooring availability near Jamestown, Jamestown Boat Yard offers moorings and dockage with quick access to Newport, Block Island, Long Island, and Cape Cod. Their overnight and short-term dockage rates are $75.00/night for boats 60′ to 80′.

When choosing a mooring in Rhode Island, it’s essential to factor in the amenities and services offered in addition to the cost. Remember, prices may vary based on the season, location, and availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three main waterways in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island has several waterways, but the three main ones include Narragansett Bay, the Providence River, and the Sakonnet River. Narragansett Bay is a significant feature of the state’s geography, with many islands and inlets.

The Providence River is a shorter but important waterway connecting the state capital, Providence, to Narragansett Bay. Lastly, the Sakonnet River is a tidal strait that forms part of the boundary between Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

How much of Rhode Island is coastal?

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the US, but it boasts an impressive amount of coastline. Approximately 10% of the state’s total area is made up of coastline, which translates to around 384 miles of shoreline. This makes Rhode Island a popular destination for boating enthusiasts and marine life lovers.

Where can I find boat slips for sale in Rhode Island?

To find boat slips for sale in Rhode Island, you can explore various websites and marinas that provide such information.

Additionally, consider contacting local marinas directly to inquire about the availability of boat slips for sale.

What is the process for purchasing boats currently for sale in Rhode Island marinas?

First, thoroughly research the type of boat and its market value. Next, get in touch with the boat owner or their broker to ask about the specific boating equipment and history of the vessel. You should inspect the boat in person and consider hiring a certified marine surveyor to evaluate its condition.

If satisfied with the inspection results, negotiate the sales price and finalize the purchase agreement. Finally, register the boat in your name and secure proper insurance coverage.

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