Boating season is right around the corner. Is your boat ready? Every spring we see several claims at Sea InsureĀ® that could have been avoided by taking a few extra steps at spring launch. Here are a few tips to make launching, and hopefully your entire season, hassle free!

  • When was the last time you closely inspected the hull below the waterline? Any major stress cracks or blisters should be attended to before launching.
  • Does the prop show dings or other signs of wear? If so, this can lead to vibration over the course of the season that can damage the entire boat.
  • Replace zincs! Electrolysis claims due to deteriorated zincs are surprisingly common and can be easily avoided.
  • Check hoses, clamps, and joints for leaks and wear. Are cracks evident in the hose? Do clamps show signs of rust? If so, they should be replaced. Look around the hoses and connections as well to see if any sharp edges could damage nearby hoses. 
  • Are there an adequate number of easily accessible fire extinguishers aboard? Do any need replacement?
  • Are the bilge pump and float switch functioning properly?
  • Are flares expired?

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