Want To Sail Around The World? – How to Make it Happen!

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Do you want to sail around the world? There are many opportunities to make your dreams come true. We have traveled on boats and to destinations far beyond our initial expectations. Once we started traveling on the water, there was no turning back.

Along the way, we’ve come across various ways to travel the world. Here is our list if you want to sail around the world and looking for new ideas.

8 Ways to Sail Around the World

1. Buy a Sailboat

sailboat acapella deck

Buying a boat is the best way to sail around the world. Why? Because if you have your boat, you will have complete control over who is on board, the itinerary, and how much time you spend at each destination. These are the essentials that can make or break the trip.

For $30,000 you can get a decent boat to sail around the world. Many sailors sell their homes, buy a boat and become sea nomads. The key is to find a source of income while sailing around the world. Some people take advantage of renting property, working online, and finding jobs from home.

Or there are those who buy a boat, sail it six months out of the year, and then return home to work another six months. But before you buy a boat, you need to do some thorough research. Boats are more high-maintenance than you probably thought. And if you plan to sail around the world, the sailboat you choose needs to be up to the task.

I recommend reading all the blogs you can find about life on a sailboat and sailing worldwide. Watch videos of people sailing around the world to get inspired and an idea of what it would be like to do it yourself.

2. Volunteer On Sailboats

Sailing in the mediterranean

Get in touch with sailors sailing around the world and volunteer.

You can find sailing couples and groups on social media, Google, or Bing by searching for sailing bloggers. You can also join sailing groups on Facebook.

There are also websites where you can create a profile with your experiences and information about where and when you want to sail.

When you email or speak with a boat owner, explain that you would like to volunteer, what skills you have, and if you are available.

3. Sail As a Crewmember

sailing boat crew member

Learn about the different crew training courses and find a connection between your skills and working as a crew member. As your professional qualifications increase, so does your expected salary. Getting paid while sailing the world is easier to achieve than you might think.

Qualifications that are in demand: Captain, Deck Crew, Stewards, Stewardess, Cooks, Engineers, and more.

4. Look for Boat Sitting Opportunities

docking at the marina

Most boat owners who sail around the world take some time to get home. They usually find the safest harbor, but leaving the boat is scary for owners. Some owners find babysitters to look after the boat for a few weeks or even months.

Often no money is exchanged, but both parties can benefit. The boat owner has someone to take care of the boat, and the sitter stays overnight on a boat for free at a variety of great places.

5. Share a Boat

Sailing with children and pets

Find friends who have similar ambitions as you. Pool your money together to buy a boat. Once you have a boat, work on a plan to sail around the world.

Several community boat owners do one or two circumnavigations a year.

6. Find a Job at a Marina

boats at the marina

If you are starting and don’t have much sailing experience, it might be a good idea to work for a local marina which is the home to larger sailing boats. Here you can easily chat with friendly boat owners, who can give you insider tips on how to get a spot on sailboats that are going to places.

They might even have an opening on the sailboat or know a friend who has. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation. Most sailors and boaters are some of the most friendly groups you will ever meet.

7. Take A Sailing Trip or Join a Circumnavigation Race

Some sailboats sail around the world all the time. You can pick the area you want to visit and pay for the appropriate route.

If you have the means to sail around the world, all the better. If not, you can do a different trip every year until you reach your destination.

8. Date a Single Boat Owner

This is where “spending time” at a local marina or yacht club could come in handy. Dating is not why we go to the Marina. But chatting and meeting with people is fine as long as you are respectful.

Although this may seem like serendipity, it does happen often when singles are on the boat and around boats.

A man or woman who owns a boat meets a man or woman who doesn’t own a boat. They might fall in love and start sailing around the world. We know more married boating couples who were both single before than we could count.

Final Thoughts: How to Sail Around The World

Sailing around the world is an exciting way to explore different countries and cultures. If you want to gain more sailing experience or find out if sailing is really for you, volunteering or sharing a boat with friends might be good options.

Finally, if you are ready to buy your own sailboat, that will give you the ultimate flexibility and control when sailing around the world.

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