6 Best Connecticut Marinas

From sailing Long Island Sound to beaching your bow on the Connecticut River, the Constitution State serves up water fun from every shore. Connecticut may be America’s third smallest state but packs big boating options into its tidal coastlines.

This lifelong Nutmegger boater has explored marinas from Stonington to Stamford, and I’m shining light on the best Connecticut marinas. From saltwater gems to riverside hideaways, let’s shove off touring gorgeous Connecticut marinas that you might want to call a home port!

6 Best Connecticut Marinas

1. Mystic River Marina

When you visit Mystic River Marina, you’re stepping into a serene and well-appointed haven for boating enthusiasts. Nestled on Mason’s Island, this family-owned marina has provided exceptional service since 1957.

You will find it in the Mystic River’s peaceful nook, with vistas stretching out to the beautiful Long Island Sound.


  • Full-service marina
  • 145 slips for mooring your boat
  • Pristine facilities

Boaters appreciate the marina’s tranquil location, secured below the sturdy bridges of the area. Your stay will be enhanced by the gorgeous sunsets and the gentle sound of the water—an idyllic setting for relaxation or beginning a day of maritime adventure.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a casual cruiser, the marina’s full suite of services caters to all your nautical needs. If you’re enthusiastic about discovering charming locales or keen on sampling local seafood, the marina’s proximity to town centers ensures a memorable retreat.

For more insights on their offerings, their marina page details dockage, testimonies from other boaters, and an extensive photo gallery.

The staff at Mystic River Marina are committed to ensuring that your maritime experience in Connecticut is unmatched.

Their dedication is evident in how they uphold the marina’s longtime reputation, ensuring that your time spent by the Mystic River is as splendid as the setting itself.

2. Cedar Island Marina

Cedar Island Marina, situated in Clinton, Connecticut, is a prestigious facility known for its exceptional services and amenities.

The marina is conveniently located off Riverside Drive, making it a prime destination for boaters in the Long Island Sound area.

Slip Information:

  • Total Slips: 400
  • Max Length: 120′
  • Approach Depth: 8′
  • Dock Depth: 8′
  • Marina Phone: 860-669-8681 ext 10

Amenities at Cedar Island Marina include:

  • Service department
  • Ship store
  • Fuel dock
  • Swimming pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Restaurant
  • Laundry services
  • Free internet access
  • Lounge for parties and events

In recent years, this marina has earned numerous accolades. For instance, it has been recognized by the New Haven Register as the “best of” marinas on the Connecticut Shoreline multiple times, highlighting its consistent performance and quality service.

3. Chester Point Marina

Chester Point Marina is located in the scenic town of Chester, Connecticut. It is situated on the serene Connecticut River and provides an ideal spot for boating enthusiasts.

Services and Amenities:

  • Full-Service Yard: Over 20 years of quality service, including launching, hauling, repairs, and maintenance.
  • Marina Facilities: Equipped with essentials like water hookups, Wi-Fi, and pump-out services nearby.
  • On-Site Convenience: Clean restrooms and showers for comfort and convenience.

Storage and Maintenance:

  • Specializes in winter storage solutions and mechanical services.
  • Offers seasonal slips and heated indoor winter storage.


  • Enjoy spectacular views and easy access to the Connecticut River.
  • The marina is located at Marker 37, a convenient spot for travel to and from the water.

4. Mason’s Island Marina

Mason’s Island Marina is situated on a protected cove in Mystic, Connecticut. Known for its easy access to Long Island Sound, this marina offers boaters various services and amenities.

The marina’s location is strategic, found below all bridges on the south side, ensuring smooth sailing to nearby destinations like Fishers Island and Block Island.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Marine Engine Maintenance: They handle everything from general upkeep to complex repairs.
  • Engine Repowers: Upgrade your boat for better performance.
  • Fiberglass/Gel Coat Repair: Keep your vessel in top shape.
  • Varnishing & Rigging: Maintain the beauty and function of your boat.
  • Air Conditioning Service: Essential for those hot summer days on the water.
  • Pick Up and Delivery: Convenience along Fishers Island Sound.

Mason’s Island Marina is not just about service; it’s about the experience. While there, enjoy the Mystic River’s stunning views and tranquil environment.

This full-service marina takes pride in being a family-operated establishment, ensuring personalized attention and care for your boating needs.

5. Norwalk Cove Marina

Norwalk Cove Marina stands out as a top-tier yachting center in Connecticut. If you’re looking for a facility that offers excellent marine services and a friendly atmosphere, this is your go-to location.

Positioned just an hour from New York City, it’s a convenient spot for maritime enthusiasts.

Facilities & Services:

  • Full Service: Expert repair and maintenance.
  • Berthing: Safe, deep-water dockage.
  • Amenities: On-site conveniences for all your boating needs.

Why Choose Norwalk Cove Marina?

  • Easily accessible, and situated at the mouth of Norwalk Harbor.
  • You’ll find Norwalk Cove Marina a sheltered basin that protects your vessel well.

6. Hays Haven Marina

Hays Haven Marina offers a picturesque setting in Chester, Connecticut, and is known for its family ownership spanning over 35 years.

It’s a place where breathtaking views of Gillette Castle provide a stunning backdrop for your maritime experiences. 

You’ll find various services to meet your needs, including a ship store to pick up maritime essentials. Access to fuel is convenient with a fuel dock that offers 89, 93, and diesel options.

Their operating hours for the marina office and store are 10 AM to 4 PM, making getting assistance during your visit easy.

Accessibility is a highlight at Hays Haven Marina. You can view their slip layout pdf online before you arrive, ensuring your docking is as smooth as sailing in a calm sea.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should be considered when selecting a marina in Connecticut?

When you select a marina in Connecticut, consider its location, the services it provides, the quality of its facilities, and the cost of slip fees.

Look for marinas with good access to open water and those that offer the services you need, such as electricity, water, fuel, maintenance, and security.

Who is the current owner of Cedar Island Marina, and what amenities do they offer?

Cedar Island Marina is a family-owned establishment, known for its friendly staff and a well-stocked marine store. They offer various services, including custom order capabilities.

You can also expect amenities like electricity, water, and Wi-Fi, aimed at making your stay comfortable and convenient.

How do Connecticut marinas cater to luxury boating needs?

Marinas in Connecticut cater to luxury boaters by offering high-end amenities like sophisticated docking facilities, valet services, concierge services, and upscale dining options.

Slip-holders at luxury Connecticut marinas may also find amenities, including clubhouses, swimming pools, and on-site repair services.


That wraps our tour of the top Connecticut marinas, spanning lively New Haven Harbor to Mystic’s peaceful corner. We hit the full-service city spots to keep summer fun close and uncovered riverside hidden gems for just kicking back.

With this local boater’s inside scoop on what stellar Nutmeg State marinas offer – from amenities to community vibes – you’ve got what you need to discover that perfect home port life. Now let’s go chart a course to your new favorite Connecticut marina, shall we?


Featured image credit: Mystic River Marina