5 Best Marinas in Portland Oregon for 2024

From sailing the mighty Columbia to cruising the misty Willamette channels, Portland lays out epic boating adventures with awesome backdrops of forests and mountain views beckoning boaters. Yet finding that one perfect marina to dock among Portlandia’s many options can be as tricky as navigating the city’s famously funky neighborhoods.

I’ve checked out many Portland marinas and I’m shining the spotlight on the 5 best marinas in Portland Oregon for berthing your boat. So hop aboard as we tour these awesome oases made for carefree Portland boaters. Let’s shove off!

The 5 Best Marinas in Portland Oregon

1. Mccuddy’s Marina

If you’re searching for top local marinas near Portland, Oregon, Mccuddy’s Marina could be the perfect place for you. With its comprehensive services and scenic locations, it stands out as a notable spot for mooring your vessel.

Services and Amenities:

  • Various moorage options
  • Boat sales
  • Power boats and sailboats

At McCuddy’s Marina, whether you’re looking to buy a boat or find a temporary home for your current one, they provide both sailboats and power boats to suit your needs.

McCuddy’s not only sells boats but also offers cash for quality vessels, indicating their commitment to maintaining a high standard in their inventory.

Each of their locations around Portland, including the Hayden Island Moorage and the Marine Drive Moorage, provides unique views and amenities.

For those seeking a bite to eat, the Marine Drive Moorage is home to “The Deck” Floating Restaurant, where you can enjoy a meal with a stunning river view.

2. Tomahawk Bay Marina

Nestled on the scenic Columbia River, you’ll find Tomahawk Bay Marina, acclaimed for its tranquil waters and readily available moorage.

Located in the lively city of Portland, Oregon, this marina affords you the perfect blend of natural beauty and city convenience.


  • Easy access to the Columbia River
  • Protected year-round moorage
  • Professional and amiable staff

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a weekend boater, Tomahawk Bay caters to all your nautical needs. Its staff is known for their dedication to maintaining a secure, clean environment, ensuring a pleasant stay for you and your family.

When you choose Tomahawk Bay Marina, you’re selecting a boating haven with a strong sense of community and a reputation for great service.

The marina’s thoughtful layout offers both covered and uncovered moorage for vessels up to 60 feet, giving you options to suit your preference.

3. Riverplace Marina

Riverplace Marina is a notable destination for boaters in Portland, Oregon. It’s nestled on the Willamette River, right where the city’s heart beats the strongest.

Whether you own a boat or simply enjoy the marina atmosphere, you’ll appreciate the direct access to the river and the vibrant activities available in Downtown Portland.

Features of Riverplace Marina:

  • Service: Known for exceptional service every day.
  • Location: Prime spot by Downtown.
  • Access: Opens up to the Willamette River.

Here’s what you’ll find when you visit:

  • Slips for moorage, accommodating a range of boat sizes.
  • Proximity to local events and downtown attractions.

The marina is more than a place to dock your boat; it’s a gateway to Portland’s dynamic waterfront scene.

Whether you’re interested in the boating lifestyle or simply seeking a scenic stroll along the docks, Riverplace Marina provides an experience that is both accessible and memorable.

For more details on the offerings and exact location, you can view the Marina Map. This marina is most sought-after due to its stellar location and the beauty it adds to the cityscape.

It stands out as a place where both everyday service and exceptional experiences meet on the edge of the river.

4. Hayden Bay Marina

At Hayden Bay Marina, you’re guaranteed a tranquil boating escape nestled among Portland’s scenic backdrops.

Here, your maritime experience is enhanced by the marina’s protected waters and the serene environment it offers.

Imagine docking at a place that feels like a calm island retreat, away from the city’s hustle, yet still conveniently located for easy access.

Amenities Include:

  • Secure Moorage: Safety is a top priority, with secure docks for your peace of mind.
  • Beautiful Surroundings: Enjoy walking paths and lush landscapes that surround the marina.
  • Exceptional Service: Experience customer service that is both friendly and professional.

Hayden Bay is not only a place to dock your boat but a community where neighbors share a love for the water. You’ll be welcomed into a marina that values cleanliness, service, and a family-friendly atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a quiet spot to enjoy boating, it’s hard to beat the allure of Hayden Bay Marina, celebrated for its intimate nature and beautiful landscapes.

5. Big Eddy Marina

When you’re searching for a convenient place to dock your boat in Portland, Oregon, Big Eddy Marina might be just what you need.

Situated on the Columbia River at river mile 117, this marina provides a secure and well-maintained place for your boat.

Amenities at Big Eddy Marina include:

  • Boat Slips: A variety of slip sizes to fit your vessel.
  • Maintenance: Well-maintained docks for ease of use.
  • Security: A safe environment for both you and your boat.

Big Eddy Marina is known for its easy access that helps you avoid the common challenges of public boat launches.

You can expect a professional staff that maintains a clean and secure atmosphere, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy your boating adventures.

With its prime location on the eastside of Portland, your access to the Columbia River’s boating activities is just a step away. Big Eddy Marina’s reputation for exceptional customer service makes it a top choice for local boaters.

Liveaboard Marinas in Oregon

Portland, Oregon is home to a variety of marinas that offer liveaboard accommodations, allowing you to reside on your boat while enjoying the city’s scenic beauty.

Mccuddys Marina is a popular choice for liveaboards. They provide amenities such as moorage, storage, and a boatyard. Moreover, their convenient location on Tomahawk Island ensures easy access to the amenities of Portland.

Which Marinas in Portland Offer Liveaboard Accommodations?

If you’re searching for a place to call home on the waters of Portland, you’ll find that some marinas provide liveaboard options.

These include facilities like McCuddy’s Marina and others that meet strict environmental standards indicative of the Oregon Clean Marina Program.

Portland Marina Slip Fees

When looking for a marina in Portland, Oregon, you’ll notice that slip fees vary based on location, amenities, and slip size. These fees are typically charged monthly and can range significantly, reflecting each marina’s facilities and services.

Remember, marina fees can change, and other factors such as liveaboard fees or electricity use can affect your monthly rate. It’s essential to get in touch with marinas for the most accurate, up-to-date pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Hayden Island Marina and Hayden Bay Marina compare in terms of facilities and services?

Hayden Island Marina is known for its beautiful concrete docks and has received positive reviews for its marina services.

On the other hand, Hayden Bay Marina offers an array of amenities, including customer service that stands out for first-time kayakers. Both marinas provide essential services for boaters and different experiences catering to various preferences.

What options are available for purchasing boat slips along the Oregon Coast?

Along the Oregon Coast, there are various marinas where boat owners can purchase slips. Options range from smaller, private slips to those in larger marinas with additional amenities.

You’ll need to contact individual marinas to inquire about availability and pricing, as these can vary widely based on location and demand.

Are there marinas in the Portland area with boat slips available for rent?

Yes, the Portland area offers several marinas with slips available for rent. For example, Columbia Crossings prides itself on offering the area’s finest moorage facilities.

Can you list some of the largest marinas on the West Coast and their features?

Some of the largest marinas on the West Coast include Marina del Rey in California, which is one of the largest man-made small craft harbors in the world, and Elliott Bay Marina in Seattle.