Best Marinas in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay, known for its vibrant waterfronts and bustling harbors, offers a variety of marinas that cater to both seasoned sailors and leisurely boaters. Finding the best marina in Tampa Bay depends on your needs.

Each marina in Tampa Bay has its unique offerings. Some provide full-service amenities including ship stores, fueling services, and maintenance facilities, while others boast charming boardwalks and are close to popular dining and entertainment areas. It’s important to consider what’s most important for your boating experience when choosing a marina.

Best Marinas in Tampa Bay

1. Marjorie Park Marina

Marjorie Park Marina is nestled on Davis Islands, a location celebrated for its convenient access and beautiful surroundings.

With 51 total slips and services catering to large and small vessels, this marina accommodates boats up to 95 feet long. The marina provides a dependable 7-foot approach depth, ensuring a safe harbor for your boat.

Amenities you’ll find at Marjorie Park Marina include:

  • Electric Hookups: Reliable power for your onboard needs.
  • Fuel Services: Easy refueling before setting off.
  • Marina Store: Stock up on essentials without leaving the dock.

The marina is just a block from the Davis Islands business district if you’re looking for entertainment or necessities. There, you’ll discover an array of convenience stores, banks, and restaurants to enjoy. The presence of these local businesses adds a layer of comfort to your marina experience.

2. PORT 32 Tampa

PORT 32 Tampa offers services catering to your boating needs in the bustling Westshore Marina District. This marina stands out for its commitment to providing top-notch services and facilities.

When you bring your boat here, you will find dry storage options that can accommodate a variety of boat sizes. With a focus on convenience, PORT 32 has a fuel dock with both gas and diesel, ensuring you can easily refuel before setting sail.

  • Services:
    • Fuel Dock (Gas & Diesel)
    • Dry Storage
  • Amenities:
    • Slip Rental
    • Boat Repair Services

The marina is more than just a place to dock your boat; it’s a community. With 720 dry storage spots, you join a group of like-minded boaters. The PORT 32 app enhances your experience by controlling your vessel from your phone.

3. Westshore Yacht Club Marina

If you’re searching for a premier marina location in Tampa Bay, the Westshore Yacht Club Marina should be at the top of your list. Nestled in South Tampa, this well-managed haven for boating enthusiasts offers many services.

The marina provides boat slip rentals that comfortably accommodate vessels up to 108 feet. Whether you have a small personal watercraft or a sizeable sailing yacht, this is a feature you’ll appreciate. The accessible deep-water marina ensures that larger boats can easily dock, boasting a depth of 12 feet.

Amenities at Westshore Yacht Club Marina include:

  • Full-service fueling station
  • 24-hour security
  • High-speed fuel pumps
  • Ship store for boating needs

Your experience here extends beyond just basic marina services. The club is equipped with a bevy of luxury amenities, such as:

  • A health club and spa
  • A fitness center
  • An outdoor swimming pool

You can unwind at the marina’s salon/spa or stay active at the fitness center. Making friends is easy as you mingle with like-minded individuals at the clubhouse.

For your convenience, Westshore Yacht Club Marina offers a variety of shore power options, including multiple amperage settings to suit any size of the vessel.

Being close to downtown Tampa and St. Petersburg means you’ll have quick access to the best the area offers, from fine dining to cultural events.

4. Clearwater Harbor Marina

When seeking a marina in Tampa Bay, it’s essential to consider what each location offers. Tampa Bay is known for its various marina options catering to all boating needs.

Clearwater Harbor Marina is praised for its exceptional views, Clearwater Harbor Marina is a prime spot for novice and seasoned sailors. According to reviews, it’s a well-maintained facility offering ample amenities

Before making a choice, it’s important you visit their websites or contact them directly to understand the full extent of their services, pricing, and availability.

Your ideal Tampa Bay marina should meet your specific boating requirements, whether that’s proximity to great fishing spots or the availability of high-quality boat maintenance services.

5. Base Marina

When you’re looking for an ideal marina in Tampa Bay, the Base Marina stands out as an essential stop for any boating enthusiast.

Location and Services

  • Situated Strategically: Nestled near the heart of Tampa Bay, it offers swift access to various waterways.
  • Full-Service Offerings: Expect comprehensive services including fueling stationselectric hookups, and maintenance facilities.


Your experience at Base Marina is enhanced with amenities like:

  • Secure Docks: Reliable and well-maintained mooring for peace of mind.
  • Convenience Store: Stock up on snacks and boat essentials with ease.


  • Easy to Reach: Getting here is a breeze whether you arrive by land or sea.
  • Parking: Ample space for trailers and vehicles ensures a hassle-free visit.

Marina Amenities

In Tampa Bay, marinas offer a range of amenities to enhance your boating experience. You’ll find everything you need as you navigate these waters, from essential services to luxurious comforts.

Slip Information

Your boat’s home away from home should be secure and accessible. Tampa Bay marinas provide slips that can accommodate various boat sizes, with water and power hookups.

Some of these marinas even boast access to private beaches. Always check slip availability ahead of time as they can fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons.

Boat Services and Facilities

When it comes to maintaining your boat, marinas in Tampa Bay are well-equipped. Most offer fuel docks, comprehensive boat services, including washing and mechanical repairs, and facilities like bathrooms and showers.

Certain marinas might also provide convenient laundry facilities so you can take care of all your needs in one place.

Booking and Reservations

Ease of booking can make a big difference in your marina experience. Many Tampa Bay marinas allow online reservations for slips and services. It’s advisable to book in advance during busy seasons to ensure you secure a spot for your boat.

Dining and Entertainment

A day on the water can work up an appetite. Fortunately, marinas in Tampa Bay often feature on-site restaurants with waterfront dining options. Enjoy a meal or a drink in a lounge while enjoying the bay views.

For those seeking entertainment, marinas may host events or be located near local attractions, providing leisure and fun.

How Much are Marina Fees in Tampa?

When you’re looking to dock your boat in Tampa, the fees can vary widely depending on the marina you choose. Let’s explain what you can expect to pay for docking your boat in this beautiful bay area.

Transient Slips: Most marinas offer transient slips for a short stay, typically costing around $2.00 per hour for up to 4 hours. The rates may be $2.00 per foot if you stay a whole day.

Monthly Slips: If you need a longer-term option, monthly slips are available at various marinas. Due to their high demand, you might find yourself on a waiting list.

Docking at a Downtown Marina: Costs here can start at $20 to $40 per foot per night.

Luxury Marina: Looking for premium services? Luxury marinas will have higher fees, often exceeding $100 per foot per night.

Fees will vary not just by duration of stay but by marina facilities and amenities available. Check the marina’s official resources or contact them directly for the most accurate and current pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What amenities are offered at the most popular marinas in St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg’s marinas often feature comprehensive amenities including full-service fueling stations, ship stores, on-site restaurants, and maintenance facilities.

You’ll find upscale services like concierge and valet at Tierra Verde Marina, enhancing your marina experience.

How does PORT 32 Tampa compare to other local marinas regarding services provided?

PORT 32 Tampa stands out with its variety of services, including dry storage options, on-site repair and maintenance services, and amenities like a boater’s lounge. It’s a match for those looking for an all-inclusive boating hub.

Where is the clearest water in Tampa?

The clearest water in Tampa can often be found near the outskirts of Tampa Bay, especially around the Gulf-facing beaches where the water tends to be more serene and less affected by urban runoff.

Which marinas in Tampa Bay offer deep water boat slips suitable for larger vessels?

Marinas like the Westshore Yacht Club Marina provide deep water slips designed to accommodate larger boats and yachts. Access to deeper waters is readily available, ensuring safe and easy docking for your vessel.

What options are available for yacht club memberships and facilities in the Tampa Bay region?

The region boasts several prestigious yacht clubs offering memberships with exclusive facilities like private dining, fitness centers, and special event hosting.