Best Puerto Rico Marinas in 2024

With 300 miles of beautiful coastline, Puerto Rico is a boater’s paradise. Dotted along the shores are world-class marinas that offer secure moorage and excellent amenities for sailors and powerboaters alike. If you’re planning to cruise Puerto Rico’s aquamarine waters, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with some of the island’s top marina facilities.

From San Juan’s bustling city marinas to the laidback facilities in smaller coastal towns, we’ll cover the best Puerto Rico marinas to accommodate your boat.

Best Puerto Rico Marinas in 2024

When you’re sailing around Puerto Rico, you might want one of the top Caribbean marinas for your yacht or boat to dock. The best marinas offer great amenities, safety from storms, and access to local attractions like beaches, restaurants, and the islands of Culebra and Vieques.

1. Marina Puerto Chico

Marina Puerto Chico is on the east coast, perfect if you love snorkeling and the coral-rich beaches. With solid ratings, it’s known for its care in protecting your yacht from harsh weather.

Here, you can find repair facilities that ensure your vessel stays in top shape. Nearby, there’s ample opportunity to enjoy authentic local cuisine at various restaurants.

2. San Juan Bay Marina

At San Juan Bay Marina, you’re in the heart of all the action. It’s one of the best marinas for yacht owners who appreciate being close to the vibrant city life of San Juan.

With golf courses nearby and high-quality amenities, your stay here is both comfortable and entertaining. Plus, the marina is safeguarded against storms, ensuring a safe docking experience.

3. Safe Harbor Puerto Del Rey

Safe Harbor Puerto Del Rey is more than just a marina; it’s like a nautical sanctuary. As the Caribbean’s largest marina, it provides over 1,000 wet slips to secure your vessel and extensive LOA options.

A beacon for yacht enthusiasts, it’s equipped with top-tier amenities, complete with workshops for any necessary repairs. Situated near Fajardo, it offers access to the nearby islands, including Vieques and the Virgin Islands.

4. Marina Puerto Real

Located on the charming west coast, Marina Puerto Real is another ideal stopover for your marine adventures. It not only offers superb amenities but is also known for being attentive to the needs of your yacht, especially in safeguarding against unpredictable weather.

With nearby golf courses and beaches, your stay will be filled with relaxation and sport.

5. Sunbay Marina

Sunbay Marina is a favorite amongst boaters for its friendly atmosphere and reliable services. The marina stays safe during storms, and its proximity to fantastic snorkeling sites makes it perfect for ocean lovers.

Whether you visit the surrounding beaches or dine at the local eateries, there’s plenty to do when you’re not out sailing.

6. The Yacht Club Marina at Palmas del Mar

The Yacht Club Marina at Palmas del Mar offers a luxurious experience with its unique resort community that redefines marina services. It caters to yachts up to 175 feet and can accommodate wide-bodied catamarans.

Here, amenities abound from golf to tennis, and the seaside scenery is unparalleled, making it a picturesque and hospitable port of call on your seafaring journey.

Puerto Rico Marina Fees

When you’re planning a trip to Puerto Rico and want to dock your boat, it’s useful to know about the marina fees. Pricing can vary quite a lot depending on the marina’s location and the services it offers.

Here’s what you might expect:

  • Dockage fees: These are typically based on the length of your boat. Prices range from $1 to $4 per foot per day.
  • Electricity and water: Many marinas charge for utility hook-ups. You might pay around $5 to $15 per day, depending on usage.

Some marinas offer packages that include additional services like Wi-Fi or cable TV. Also, if you plan to stay longer, monthly and yearly rates are usually discounted.

Keep in mind there may be green fees at eco-friendly marinas that go towards environmental upkeep.

Here’s a simple breakdown:

ServicePrice Estimate
Monthly DockageDiscounted
Yearly DockageDiscounted
Environment Fee (Green Fees)Varies

Remember, these fees can change, so check with the marina for the most current information.

If you need specific facilities or services, like dry stack or a fuelling station, ask about those costs too. It’s always good to know the details up front to plan your budget right.

Local Insights and Hidden Gems

When you start your maritime journey in Puerto Rico, Marina Puerto del Rey, known for its excellent conditions, should top your list. It’s more than a starting point; it’s a launchpad to the sea’s treasures.

While there, don’t miss the lesser-known Rincon Marina, where the hills roll gently in the distance. It’s an ideal spot for those who crave adventure without the crowds. Here, you can kayak or paddleboard in peace, basking in the fair condition of the marina and its serene surroundings.

  • Kayaking: Glide across calm waters.
  • Paddle Boarding: Stand tall and enjoy the view.
  • Rincon Marina: Quiet and less crowded.

Beyond the known paths, you’ll uncover places like the Central Azucarera Coloso, a testament to the island’s sugarcane legacy. Its rustic frame lies against the backdrop of rolling hills, a historic gem that’s worth the detour.

Remember, your Puerto Rican marina experience isn’t limited to the water’s edge. It’s about the unique blend of local culture, history, and natural beauty that makes these hidden gems shine. Keep your eyes open and your curiosity alive; you’re in for a rewarding journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find answers to common questions about the marinas in Puerto Rico, including details on liveaboard options, pricing comparisons, the largest marina, amenities, and suitability for different sizes of vessels.

Which marina is the largest in Puerto Rico?

Puerto del Rey Marina holds the title of being the largest marina, with a wide range of services that cater to various boating needs.

What amenities are offered at Marina Puerto Chico?

At Marina Puerto Chico, you can expect amenities such as boat repair services, a fuel dock, and dining options, making it a convenient stop for boaters.

Is Puerto del Rey Marina suitable for larger vessels?

Yes, Puerto del Rey Marina is equipped to accommodate larger vessels, providing ample deep-water slips and a range of services tailored for bigger boats.


When exploring Puerto Rico, you will discover several fantastic marinas that stand out for their quality services and amenities. Marina Puerto del Rey offers extensive services including a boatyard, pump-out service, and a concierge. It’s known for being the largest marina in the Caribbean, providing over 1,200 wet slips and world-class accommodations.

On the other hand, places like Rincon Marina provide unique water activities like e-foiling and kayaking. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant marina with numerous entertainment options or a quiet spot with essential services, Puerto Rico’s coastline has a marina just for you.